#AFK: Last Week’s Edition

While I was #AFK (away from keyboard)…

  • Where I’m at: Mexico City
  • What’s next: Whistler, Canada for Automattic company-wide meet-up
  • What I’ve been doing: 
    • Eating, eating, eating. Evidence is in the photos.
    • Museo Frida Kahlo (a la blue house): This house-turned-museum felt like an intimate, a sneak peak into the private lives of Friday and Diego. We all know of Frida – the self-portraits, the a-famed unibrow – but not everyone knows how much she suffered – polio, a bus accident, three miscarriages, an amputated food, Diego’s affair with her sister (yes, her sister! and for revenge, she had an affair with Leon Trotsky)
    • Warhol @ Museo Jumex: This three story exhibit space was entirely taken over by a Warhol exhibit. Historically, I’ve always thought of his work as “fun” in a pop-culture, mad men type of way, but this exhibit felt dark, almost nihilistic, like because there were screen prints of car accidents and a man hanging from a telephone pole amidst the usual Elvis and Flowers and Marilyn Monroe. Left feeling quite depressed, then ate a candy bar
    • Picasso and Rivera @ Palacio de Bellas Artes: If you like art deco, this place is amazing. Inside, it feels like you’ve been transported to a the 1930s and on the top floor, there’s a recreation of Man at the Crossroads. Dreamy
  • Things I’ve been reading / watching / listening to:
    • Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton:  Book can be summarized with one idiom: “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” As someone who was once quite religious and now, not so much, I appreciated Alain’s moderate and creativity approach on how to apply to good bits of religion to moral education in the 21st century (which we are desperately lacking). Up next, The News: A User’s Manual
      • “However, in a world obsessed with freedom, there are few voices left that ever dare to exhort us to act well.”
      • “The difference between Christian and secular education reveals itself with particular clarity in their respective characteristic modes of instruction: secular education delivers lectures, Christianity sermons. Expressed in terms of intent, we might say that one is concerned with imparting information, the other with changing our lives.”
      • “By contrast, we have constructed an intellectual world whose most celebrated institutions rarely consent to ask, let alone answer, the most serious questions of the soul.”
    • When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi: I was first struck by Paul’s thoughtful approach to live, to his work, to his calling, and then later, I was struck by his wife’s parting words in the epilogue (yes, I started crying over my enchiladas verde in a taqueria). The world would be a better place if we approached life like Paul
      • “If the unexamined life was not worth living, was the unlived life worth examining?”
      • “Literature not only illuminated another’s experience, it provided, I believed, the richest material for moral reflection.”
      • “The Pilgrim’s Progress: “Who would true valour see, / Let him come hither…/ Then fancies fly away, / He’ll fear not what men say, / He’ll labour night and day / To be a pilgrim.” Paul’s decision to look death in the eye was a testament not just to who he was in the final hours of his life but who he had always been. For much of his life, Paul wondered about death—and whether he could face it with integrity. In the end, the answer was yes. I was his wife and a witness.”
  • Quotes I’ve been underlining:
    • “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
    • “Die with memories, not dreams” – Unknown (h/t: Debbie)
  • Thoughts I’ve been thinking:
    • Capitalism feels broken. There has to be a better way
  • What I’ve been seeing:

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