#AFK: Last Week’s Edition

  • Where I’m at: TbilisiKazbegi, Georgia
  • What’s next: Montreal, Canada
  • What I’ve been doing:
    • Tbilisi: Explored with an actual Georgian, Etuna, and my friend Jo who flew in from London. Etuna took us to the funicular lookout and the hipster area of town, which were both very lovely, but the most interesting part was hearing about life before the Rose Revolution in 2003 (they only had 5 hours of electricity per week). Hard to imagine how much a place can change in less than 15 years
    • Roadtrip: Went on an adventure with our driver, Zura, through the Caucasus Mountains. We kicked off the day with Jo getting locked in a public restroom (and Zura jumping over to help her only to be locked in as well) and ended with Zura throwing firecrackers out the window and scrawling our names with sharpie on a rock
    • Kazbegi: Stayed at this beautiful, former Soviet hotel and did a lot of hiking, random friend making and drinking of this moonshine, which I only found out this AM is 70% alcohol. Guess how I’m feeling 😉
  • Things I’ve been reading / watching / listening to:
    • Navel gazing: Took the Enneagram test this week (oh, why, hello there, belly button… nice to see you again). I’m a 7. Also like this 16 Personalities test (a better version of Myers Briggs). I’ve changed from I to E; still very high on N; am a J at work, P in the wild
  • Quotes I’ve been underlining:
    • “But I’ll tell you what hermits realize. If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything.” – Alan Watts
  • Thoughts I’ve been thinking: 
    • Mountains are beautiful. Georgia is a gem!
  • What I’ve been seeing:



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