#AFK: Last Week’s Edition

  • Where I’m at: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • What’s next: Stepantsminda, Georgia (my friend Jo is coming with)
  • What I’ve been doing:
    • Living in Tbilisi: 
      • Say my name – Finally there’s someone with my name, e.g, this lady & half of Georgia
      • Postcard perfect – Tbilisi is a delight on the eyes and unlike anywhere I’ve been before! It has its own, beautiful alphabet, windy cobblestone streets set on the Kura River and a mix match of cultures from all the folks who conquered it (Mongols, Persians, Russians, Russians turned Soviets) and traded on it (follow that Silk Road). Favorite place thus far.
      • No monoculture here – There’s also the most adorable, granny restaurants with vintage chairs and wallpaper, such as Pur Pur and and Cafe Le Toit
      • Who needs electricity – Water was out today, electricity is scheduled to go out tomorrow in my apartment. But, who cares when there’s more carbs and cheese to find?
      • Speaking of the food – It’s delicious, especially this
      • Speak Russian to me – I keep getting confused for being Russian (which I guess is better than being confused for being an American?) And, I’ve been hit on more than ever before (which in an alternative universe could be a boost for my 33-year-old ego if it weren’t so creepy), including a man who came up to me three times in a restaurant with Google translate (note: he wasn’t even eating in my restaurant)
      • Cruisin’ – Lots of dudes driving around in SUVs. Like high school in Texas without the trucks
    • Still off Instagram: The first week, I check my emails a lot (yeah, boring, right) out of nervous habit, but now I feel great. I must say, it was easier than I expected. I don’t miss it (much).
  • Things I’ve been reading / watching / listening to:
  • Quotes I’ve been underlining:
    • “He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary” – Seneca (from Tim Ferris’ 5 bullet pts)
    • “They had fallen into the habit of considering their universe to be boring—and their universe had duly fallen into line with their expectations.” -Alain De Botton, The Art of Travel
  • Thoughts I’ve been thinking: 
    • All I really need is my laptop, my kindle, a camera, some clothes and makeup. I’m simpler than I thought.
    • My friend, Debbie, sent me this article, about the recent backlash against the main actress in Hulu’s rendition of Handmaiden’s Tale (tl;dr: she said “it’s not a feminist story, it’s a human story, because women’s rights are human rights;” the pitchforks came out; she reversed her statement). It made me wonder if we really have “free speech” in the US if everything is so quickly policed by the media? Where is the grey?
  • What I’ve been seeing:

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