Friday Links – 7/7

  • Are co-working spaces a good business? Probably not. Low volume / low margins
  • John Oliver explains Net Neutrality in time for the Battle for the Net on 7/12
  • Provocative statement: “the essence of capitalism is to separate the mind from the body
  • Reminded of this Alan Watt’s talk this week
  • Did Monocle start the monoculture?

    “Monocle views the world as a single, utopian marketplace, linked by digital technology and first-class air travel, bestridden by compelling brands and their executives. Diversity is part of the vision—the magazine’s subjects are from all over the world, and its fashion models come in every skin color—but this diversity is presented, in a vaguely colonialist way, more as a cool look to buy into than a tangible social ideal. Cities and countries are written up as commodities and investment opportunities rather than real places with intractable problems that require more than a subsidy to resolve”

    “It’s as easy to be charmed by Monocle as it is to hate it. Who doesn’t like a good Japanese leather origami bag? But if nationalists have a point in decrying the “global citizenship” that Monocle epitomizes, it lies in the magazine’s subtle approach to cultural homogenization. Brûlé’s stylistic vision has reproduced itself to the point of banality: Whether due to his own efforts or to the changing tide of taste, Danish furniture, clean cafés, shared offices, and artisanal food and clothing can now be found everywhere, attracting a floating tribe of international consumers the way flowers attract bees. The magazine’s worst offense may be that it is boring.”

  • This sounds nice
  • On reading

Photo: Mykonos, Greece, 2017


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