Friday Links – 6/9

  • This made me laugh – “Is Justin Trudeau Always Working Out or Something?” (h/t: Suhair)
  • I like how this article focused on what’s great about Sadiq Khan, rather than just Trump-bashing. We need to stop giving every inane Trump tweet so much attention (h/t: Suhair)
  • Enjoyed this piece on separating creativity + capitalism: “Imagination is not a means of making money. It has no place in the vocabulary of profit-making. It is not a weapon, though all weapons originate from it, and their use, or non-use, depends on it, as with all tools and their uses. The imagination is an essential tool of the mind, a fundamental way of thinking, an indispensable means of becoming and remaining human.”
  • Could remote work be the future? Different times in my life called for different work cultures and am lucky to have experienced both (Google and now Automattic). Enjoying the freedom, openness & flexibility of remote a 100% remote company now
  • This sounds suspicious
  • I want to go here soon

Photo: Granada, Spain 2017


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