Friday Links – 4/21

  • I’m now a minimalist (I have one backpack), but can appreciate the boldness and excitement of maximalism
  • “A woman alone, unwatched, unchaperoned and without children is impossible for us to process
  • Wise words from Jeff Bezos: “Good process serves you […] But if you’re not watchful, the process can become the thing”
  • Could VR / AR be a new medium for art? (hat tip to my friend, Suhair, who is quoted)
  • “[LGBT rights] depends on a consensus in which the rights of minorities are protected – and really flourishes under secularism: a framework where religion is not obliterated, but accommodated without special privileges alongside other beliefs.” – What a sensible response. What happened to the separation of church & state? It makes both better.
  • Creative kids are the opposite of organizational kids
  • Would you want to do this?
  • Apparently this is a sport
  • Oh, the power of powerpoint
  • #investigativejournalism

Photo: Sapa, Vietnam 2015


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