Friday Links – 1/27

  • Today was my last day at Google after 6.5 years! Off to a new adventure at Automattic
  • In case you don’t know about Automattic, it’s the parent company of WordPress (powering this blog) which is used by 75M websites!
  • It’s not an accident that we’re addicted to the Internet
  • Anais Nin on how reading wakes our soul
  • What if we taught logic reasoning in schools? I can’t help but think it’d improve what I read in the news, from politicians and on Facebook
  • You put 8 people in a car and you get this
  • This article scared me and has strange similarities to a book I’ve been writing
  • What if you pursued less?
  • I went to my last Google team dinner @ Feastly on Monday (pop-up chefs). +1
  • Made me laugh
  • Looking for a charity? Check out GiveWell & Giving What We Can to see where your dollar goes the furthest to “save a life”
  • What if being bored is good for you?

PS – I’ve been 100% on news this week (opps)… It’s like being on a diet when it’s raining donuts

Photo: Mount Bromo, Indonesia, 2014


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