Back Again


I started blogging about twelve years ago while studying abroad in London.  Luckily for everyone, the Xanga has been taken down (almost too painful to read now), but my mom printed it out just in case I want to remember how annoying 20 year olds are 🙂

As an ENFP, I have a tendency to live in my head in a world of ideas and have tried a few times to record:

  • Foreign Encounters (the original): Life as an expat living in Singapore
  • Google+: Interesting articles (I might be the only one still on the platform) #loyalty
  • Twitter: Interesting articles in 140 characters (I think I forgot my password once and stopped tweeting)
  • Photography Site v1: When I thought “HDR” was very cool.  Note: should only be used for scenery & sparingly
  • Photography Site v2: Mostly travel stuff
  • TimeAway: App I made to give kids space from their phones.  It’s no longer on the play store due to a conflict of interest

And, now I’m back again, giving Foreign Encounters v2 a try.  Hello again.

Photo: Mountain View, Google Halloween, 2016


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